Eastern Cedar Wood Fence

Our Eastern Red Cedar fencing is environmentally safe and it is guaranteed to last for 20 years.

Eastern Red Cedar fence installed by River City Fence is harvested from all over Missouri. Wood that is native to the Missouri climate will greatly outlast products harvested in other areas such as Canada, California and overseas.

Eastern Red Cedar fence boards and posts from our suppliers are composed of primarily all heartwood as opposed to sapwood. The heartwood of Eastern Red Cedar is much harder than sapwood and, thus, holds its natural color longer. In addition, the natural oil in the heartwood minimizes mold, decay and insect infestation. The product that contains heartwood is far stronger than a builder grade wood such as PureWood or any other UV sealed wood.

All posts used with the Eastern Cedar fence system are classified as lifetime wood because of their long-lasting quality. As one long-time fence expert states, “There are Eastern Cedar posts that were installed many years ago and are still as strong as the day they were installed.”