Eastern Cedar flat top privacy on Skinker @ Waterman in Parkview subdivision.

Eastern Cedar Fence

Eastern Cedar is a native cedar in Missouri making it a very durable wood to use as fence. River City Fence can use it to build your basic fence or custom build whatever your budget allows. Eastern Cedar, like all cedars naturally has resin in the wood. The advantage to Eastern Cedar is it will last 30 + years naturally. We use several mills from Missouri to obtain our Eastern Cedar so we can get your fence installed in a timely matter.

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4’ tall ornamental 3 rail aluminum, gates built with steel frame and hung on steel post. Installed in Clayton.

Ornamental Fence

Ornamental fence comes in a variety of materials and styles depending on your application. Ornamental aluminum, steel or iron can be installed. Depends on budget, application and where you live for historical codes. Most of the Ornamental aluminum or steel is from Ameristar Fence, unless it’s a custom application or repair to match. Ornamental iron is built to your design.

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6’ tall white vinyl privacy w/ornamental aluminum pickets in in University City

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fence comes in a variety of styles and colors for residential or commercial applications. White, tan or khaki are the most popular. White is of course what is in stock and other colors usually have to be ordered. Oak wood grain and driftwood gray are also available. Gates can be built to match your style of fence you choose. We have to build with a steel frame if they are larger then 5’ wide and attach vinyl fence to frame.

4’ tall galvanized chainlink w/10’ Wide double drive gate installed in St.Charles.

Chainlink Fence

Chainlink comes in a variety of colors and heights for your residential or commercial applications. Galvanized, black, green and brown. We use Master Halco Fence and Eagle Fence as suppliers with materials from the U.S.A.

River City Fence Co. Goals

River City Fence Co goals is to grow as a business in St.Louis City & County, St.Charles City & County, Jefferson County and surrounding counties, to do that we have to build a happy customer base that’s will spread the news to family, friends and co-workers. To create a happy home environment, peace of mind is key to that. To obtain peace of mind you need a safe & secure environment for family and pets. Depending on where your house is located and situation will deem what type of fence and height you have installed. HOAs sometimes puts limits on style and height homeowners can have installed. Just like any home improvement it’s an investment. River City Fence Co will work with you to ensure you make the correct decision on your fence installation.